Maplestory boss damage guide

Maplestory boss damage guide

Just a reminder this is guide is mostly for unfunded players but can also apply for funded players, too. However, some of the contents below can be used in reboot server,too. A reminder your weapons must enhance with spell traces for more attacks or magic attacks.

maplestory boss damage guide

Once you have enhance your equips with chaos scroll or spell traces, then try to spend some mesos to starforce you equips. They won't cost that much for each equip if you only starforcing until 7 to10 stars recommended.

Each character cards gives usefully stats such as your main stats, IED, boss damage, crits and etc. However, I won't talk much about character card anymore because of the upcoming patch of union system in the summer of But this doesn't mean you shouldn't get as many high rank as possible.

This a good reminder things will be better when union systems comes out. So get as much as you can. Sometimes you may need to replace or get some higher equips, weapon and armors. So here are the places and monsters you can get some gears from. After finish Gollux prequest, players can start their journey to commerci.

Once you complete certain quests, you are now able to access to sail your ship around mapleworld and get some commerci voyages coins.

maplestory boss damage guide

These two equips are among the end game gears. All you need to do is some killing and collecting. In the end you will have to accept a quest that requires you to kill the boss located within the ghostship. Once you finished, you will obtain the badge. Emblem is one the best equips you must get. Some classes can get for free once they reach their 4th jobs e. Your charm personality trait level must reach lvl30 and finish the quest from Big Headward hair cutter in Hennessey with rose clipping.

After that you will be able to unlock your pocket slot. Currently, the best pocket item you can is pink holy cup from pink bean. You can buy it from people or in the auction house for around kk mesos.


Unfortunately, rose clipping is very expensive, m in windia. But players can still find it through successfully digging herbs with a very small chance goog luck with that. But if you are lucky somehow got rose clipping from some random herb.

Then here is a guide for you. Silent crusader. Accept the silent crusader quest and when you finish certain quests and chapters, you can receive some medals, decent rings, and titles.

Also you can use the crusader coin to buy some good stuff, such as accessories equipsspell traces, and mastery books you will need it a lot when you reach fourth jobs.

Blessing of fairy's level can be increase by leveling up characters, that are not your main. This skill will be increase by 1 per 10 level of your highest character that is not your main the one you are playing in game.Welcome to the new and improved page. However, seeing as how Maplestory has now advanced to prioritising damage, HP is no longer a big issue but your damage range is.

Normal Zakum HP: 12, You just have to be Level Hard Hilla HP: 16, If you happen to die and a party member has Bind, just wait for Bind to reset and attack again together.

Easy Horntail HP: 1, 1. Nothing really to look out for. There is a general method to killing Horntail though:. Normal Horntail HP: 4, 4. Normal Ranmaru HP: 1, 1 Billion k damage. Madman Ranmaru HP: 10, Make sure you have enough HP before attempting.

Easy Arkarium HP: 2, 2. This bastard is annoying to kill and you will probably die a lot. Normal Arkarium HP: 12, DrK is a special case among physical classes and can do it reliably around 2.

However, you can kill him easily if your party has Bind. Bind ftw.

maplestory boss damage guide

Hard Von Leon HP: 10, Easy Cygnus HP: 10, Normal Cygnus HP: 63, 63 Billion k with a full party. Normal Pink Bean HP: 2, 2. Watch out for DR. Chaos Pink Bean HP: 58, Mechanics are a bigger factor than range in a party, but you need both to solo.

Chaos Vellum HP: , Lotus HP: 37, Damien HP: 37, Submit a New Guide. Subreddit Rules. Reboot [Reboot] Recommended range for all bosses self.

I'm including this disclaimer because apparently this thing has caught on quite a bit while I was away from the game. I even recently stumbled across copy-pasted and slightly reworded version in a blog while I was trying to look up the hp of an older version of a boss.

It's possible I'll make an updated version of this, either as a new post or as an edit to this one, but for now I'm leaving it as-is.

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Generally speaking, anything you'd fight pre 5th-job should require about the same range, but access to additional 5th job skills drastically lowers the gear requirement to clear. This is especially true for bind-and-burst bosses like Ark, HHilla, and nosplit Pierre. This list should cover all relevant bosses and hopefully serve as a reference for anyone wondering which ones they can expect to take on with their current strength.

Toss this Boss - Hard Hilla

The recommended ranges are how strong you need to be to overcome the most limiting factor with a little bit of wiggle roomwhether that's outpacing healing, beating a time limit, or just burning down the hp bar before you're out of lives. In other words, it answers the question, "Can I go into this boss room and come out with a victory? I've also gotten some questions about this post as it existed in another form, so I'll try to answer those at the start:.

Why is this tagged for Reboot? Shouldn't the ranges be the same as in regular servers? This basically means that boss damage is much less effective in Reboot, and that higher range is required to make up for it. Because this is a problem with boss damage, which weak characters generally don't have very much of and which strong characters generally have a lot of, the difference starts out as almost negligible but grows quickly until regular server characters are doing roughly twice as much damage as a Rebooter with the same visual range.

If you want to convert this for regular server use, an extremely rough guideline would be to take the list at face value until k, start ramping up the subtraction from there until you're knocking off about a third of the given range by k, and cut anything over 2m in half. But like I said, that's pretty inexact and it really depends how much boss damage you have.

Speaking of boss damage, how much should I have? I'm assuming that you have little to no boss damage until k range and that you're doing most of the buildup starting from about k range up until the million mark. That's the best approximation I have for typical progression.

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Does this mean buffed or clean range?Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This item is incompatible with MapleStory. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within MapleStory.

This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Take some of this information with a grain of salt. This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Guide Index. Introduction to Reboot.

Starting Up What do I pick?

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Progression and Essentials. Link Skills. Best-in-Slot Gear. Jargon and Abbreviations. Useful Links. Guide Changelog. It covers almost every major aspect of gameplay in Reboot. Beginners and intermediate players alike will get a kick out of this guide and also perhaps pick up a few new pieces of information or tips by reading. My goal with this guide is for players to not have to dig through wiki links and reddit posts just to advance in Maplestory anymore by compiling all the information I've amassed in one place.

Some of the information in this guide is pasted from my older website, so I apologize if my syntax changes unaccountedly. Remember to share this guide with friends, family, pets, etc. I'd like also to plug my guild Song, we're open to all levels. Feel free to apply!Accept our invitation to the 15th Anniversary: Pixel Party! Requirement: This event can only be started by characters created during the event period.

Zero characters cannot participate in this event. Requirement: Lv. Requirement: Account that meets at least 1 of the following conditions: 1.

Have at least total Star Force.

The Ultimate MapleStory Leveling Guide 2020

Maintenance has been completed. We have extended Cash Shop items for 8 hours. Thank you for your Read More. Apr 21, [Updated June 9] v. Papyrus of Luck The Legends Return! Familiars can be obtained from monster drops and booster packs in the Cash Shop and Familiar Shop. New players can possess up to Familiars. If players had more than Familiars prior to the v. Familiar slots can be expanded up to 2, slots using the Familiar Slot Expansion Coupon non-Reboot worlds only.

The function to set a Familiar name upon registering the Familiar card has been removed. Familiar Levels All Familiars will be Lv. You must be defeating monsters near your level 20 levels below and 20 levels above. Common to Epic Familiars can rank up when they reach the maximum level for their current Familiar Quality Rank. Unique Familiars can only rank up using the Red Familiar Card regardless of their level. This item also has a small chance to instantly rank up your Familiar by 1 rank.

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You can even rank up from Unique to Legendary using this card! Familiar Quality Rank colors will be adjusted to that of Potential ranks. Familiar Potentials Familiars will now have 2 Familiar Potentials, one based on their current rank and other based on the previous rank. These stats will be applied to the player when the Familiar is summoned.

If you have Familiars registered prior to the v. Familiars registered after the v. When you obtain a Familiar card, its Potentials will be locked. It will require 35, mesos to unlock the Familiar Potential. Summoning Familiars At first, you can only summon 1 Familiar at a time. Slot 1: Unlocked by default for all characters. Slot 2: Unlocked by completing a quest after collecting your first Familiar Badge. For players who had up to 3 Familiar cards registered for Vitality, the previously stacked Familiar cards will be registered separately in the Familiar System UI.

Summon Gauge will continuously be consumed while the Familiar is summoned. The summon gauge will deplete slower if your Familiars have a high enough combined Defense value.While he possess the same amount of HP as the earlier-introduced Lucidhis complex game mechanics, along with the high level requirement, makes him a very formidable foe. Will can be fought on Normal and Hard mode. You must be in a party of players in order to fight him, and each player will have a Death Count of 10; if all players reach 0, then the battle will end and everyone will be kicked out.

The battle consists of 3 phases. The skill is charged automatically during the fight and decreased when hit by certain attacks. This skill is not in Story Mode, thus any mechanics of needing it are removed. Will will summon Watching Eyes that fire bullets in a star shaped formation, starting pointing down, then pointing up skewed a bit to the left and right for 5 seconds, firing every second before reappearing; there is about 3 seconds between the end and the start of each wave.

They also do not strike the same spot twice in a row, but in Phase 2, they are able to appear from below as well. Will can also summon 4 flying purple mobs that home in on party members. The bars are directly under the normal red one; the top bar will be purple, and the bottom bar will be blue, representing two different dimensions where you must fight Will.

His red HP bar is also split into segments, blocking off any additional damage until the Segment Test Mega Screen Break is passed covered below. Once the Segment Test is passed successfully, a segment's damage block will be released, allowing you to reach the next segment.

This does not apply in Story Mode. Will is now fighting in a reflective room, showing his reflection that reveals his true intentions, as well as allowing players to see their own reflection albeit without a face. Will's reflection can attack your reflection as an added feature. His red HP bar is once again split into segments, blocking off any additional damage until his Segment Test Mirror of Lies pattern is survived covered below.

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Once the Mirror Pattern is survived, a segment's damage block will be released, allowing you to reach the next segment. A good way to know if Will is feinting is to look as his reflection.

If his reflection is not copying Will's Backhand, he will feint. In Phase 3, you will once again be able to heal normally. Will shall now attack using his spider form, and remain stationary in the center of the field. He has only 1 HP bar in this phase, with no segments. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Monster Mirror World. Contents [ show ].

maplestory boss damage guide

Power Elixir x 40 Rebirth Flame Lv. Power Elixir x 50 Rebirth Flame Lv. Categories :. Will Boss.You need at least 2m range to solo the 3 easy CRA and around 2. To dodge this,press down or jump over the fireball. If you do get hit by the ball you will instantly die. To dodge you have to jump while he is in the air. If you fail to jump before he hits the ground, you will instantly die. Some skill animations could hinder you from jumping so it is recommended by me to stop attacking after 10 seconds brace yourself from this skill.

There will also be a countdown timer on top of the screen. Enter the portal and kill von bon's shadow before the countdown ends. If you fail to do so you will instantly die. And another note:DoT effect is applied inside the portal so spam you pots while attacking in there.

Dodge the larger ones to avoid death. Von bon will start to fly out from the ground,knocking you back and possibly knock you into a meteor as well so be careful. Close range attackers will have a hard time damaging bonbon while he's levitating on the ground. After a set amount of time you will be back on the ground and start charging for the fireball. Close range attackers will only be able to attack von bon while he's charging for the fireball.

Crimson queen. Crimson queen is IMO,the second easiest boss to take down.


It's even easier if you have auto pot skill for pets. The queen is known to have 4 faces: the normal face,the winking face,the maniac face and the black eye face. I made those names up pls do the take these seriously. Crimson queen doesn't not have any special threshold to take note of,in fact her skills are all repetitive.

Normal face is the first face you will face when you wake her up.